Psychiatric Counseling is important

bulk billing counselling

Human beings are the most superior and intelligent creatures among all the earthly creatures. Their intellect and wisdom make them govern the physical world around. Making use of this intellect, the human race has turned into a developed and civilized socialization colony, where everything is systematic and technology based. Although the machines and the other accessories   have helped us to get to the top of the evolution chain, but still it’s the human brain that is the most powerful force behind all these developments. This power of the human brain has evolved over the years and since then a lot of studies have been undertaken to study the functioning and the performance of the human brain and the body. But why is so much stress placed on mental health and functioning? The reason is the central position at which the human brain lies, with regard to the major functions of the body.

When I went to the psychological counseling the first session was so effective and impressive. But the next main issue was the fee for the psychological medical services. Being more quality oriented these services are sometimes beyond the budget of a common man. I discussed this matter with one of my friend who advised me to go to a bulk billing psychologist. After thorough research; I came to know that the medical facility that I was visiting did provide bulk billing for psychological services. I was very much relieved when I found out about it. Bulk billing counselling is now a greatest relief for general public and a number of patients. The most attractive feature is the addition of psychological medical services in the package so that people can easily address these issues, without a strain on the economic conditions. Many people claim that the psychologist services dealing mental disorders are amongst the most expensive ones. But once you get the bulk billing, the ease of treatment is nearer. After a minor documentation, I was on the panel of bulk billing and the counseling sessions started.

The greatest myth

Although physical well-being is the part of a good health, yet the psychological well-being is even more important. The greatest myth about this aspect of human health is to consider it as unnecessary to be handled. But the healthy mind nurtures healthy ideas. The psychological and emotional distress can easily push to a condition, where all your physical, mental and analytical abilities are overwhelmed and all the aspects of your personal and official life get ruined. Now you must be thinking that how can I claim this all? It is because; I myself had been a victim of the psychological illness. Many of us even feel reluctant and shy to admit this ailment. But I strongly believe that unless we start talking about it, we can never get rid of it. We all have to admit that it is the serious concern for any person, who needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Psychological Counseling helps to live better life

I had been a victim of panic attacks, and I was unaware of it. I considered it to be a normal course of fear, when one day many friends told me that I can get rid of this embarrassing and unproductive condition with the help of self-determination and psychological counseling. Going to a psychologist, was again like a taboo. Was I mad? Or was I a retard? Why should I go to a psychologist? These questions overwhelmed me? But my friend insisted me to try this option once. I started searching for any psychological counseling available in my area. To my surprise, the options were numerous. I was unaware of the fact that psychological counseling has now become one of the most basic health and rehabilitation services, where thousands of patients, everyday make use of these services to cherish better personal and professional lives. The other major issue was my confusion about panic attacks. I was unsure that is this issue discussable? Can a psychologist treat this? Can anyone treat this issue, in real? I started knowing about the major issues for which psychological counseling can help. Among the major issues treated through counseling include different fears, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many disorders which people even do not try to discuss with someone, like sleeping disorders or eating disorders can also be treated through psychological counseling. Mentioning of this list is important, as many of the readers may not know that their issue is curable. This was enough for me to get convinced that I need to go to psychologist.



It has been 2 years now. The benefits I got from psychological counseling and my decision for choosing the bulk billing are marvelous. First of all my panic disorders were cured. I never knew that panic disorders need attention or cure. My myth was corrected by my psychologist. His way of handling my issue was quite professional and helpful. A step by step process for fighting against the disorder made me get aware of my strengths and weaknesses. The other benefits along the way were that of bulk billing. This gave an impression that both the medical service providers and the governments are striving together to maintain a better society by addressing the psychological issues. Another major lesson is not to linger any health related issue. Health comprises of both the physical and the mental wellbeing. So discussing the mental illness with your doctor is no more a taboo. It is an issue need to be treated from the very start otherwise the effects can be disastrous.  What we need is to make a step towards the determination that we can strive and fight against these issues with a little concentration. Consider mental wellbeing as your priority. Once you set this priority the options are endless.